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I am here
In this place I call hell
I have to fake that i am alright
The entire time I am here
I can't look sad or be quiet
I have to laugh and be polite no matter what
I hate it here
If I am ever sent to a hell dimension it will look exactly like Laurinburg

Happy memories of times with him are imprinted on every inch of this area
I hate pretending to laugh
I start to feel psycho after awhile
I hate trying to smile and be upbeat when all I want is to scream
These people ruined my life
They took away part of my family from me
And they expect me to be glad and sacrifice a bird with them

Breaking bread with the enemy
The ones who made me the miserable sop I am today
I'm not blaming all the problems in my life on these people
Just the one that matters
They took my love away from me
Now I am empty and hollow
One more day of pretending to be alright
Then I can stay away for another two months... at least
Tags: hell, him, life
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