Jessica Ostrowski ( Adrea ) (darkxmoon) wrote in anti_happy,
Jessica Ostrowski ( Adrea )

Please say some thing nice to my friend.

If want to help some one that you don't even know feel better I could really use your help right now. Can you please go to To my friends blog and just tell her some thing nice please. Even if its just a "Dude, I think your cool" That would so mean the world to her.

Thats her and her boyfriend. Thank you to every one that leaves her a nice comment.

Yes I know I'm not the one in pain but just think of all the times you just wished you had some one..ANY ONE, even if you didn't know you, just say some thing nice to you for no reason. I know this sounds silly a bit..But i know this woukld make her feel so much better.
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